DEADLINE – First study

Concept, Performer, Sound Design ANDRO MANZONI (CRO)

Scenography, Costumes, Video Design BLANDINE GRANIER (FRA)

Director, Light Design, Dramaturgy PAOLO PANIZZA (ITA)

Deadline is a multimedia performance, which creates a simulation of “burn-out” on stage. Our research is inspired by the idea of the “docile body”, a term taken from Michel Foucault’s book “Discipline and Punishment”, and is conducted by interviews with various people who have experienced burn-out. In staging the performance we transformed our research with W. Forsythe’s improvisation technique and the idea of essentialism taken from W. Kandinsky’s “Point and line to plane”.

The multimedia performance “Deadline” is intended for smaller spaces where the audience is close to the stage, completely immersed in the performance. The entire audience sits in a semicircle around the solo performer. The distance between the artist and the audience is important as the video content is presented on the 24-inch monitor screen, the intensity of the physical performance is emphasized by the proximity and the sense of different smells plays an important role. The diffusion sound system (quadraphonic or more complex) is located around the audience and the music is composed to operate on the “distributed brain” of the body, designing “unhoming” in which the senses exchange so that your skin hears and that your ears perceive. To give the audience a complete sensory experience, the lights are programmed and synchronized with the performer’s sound and movements. The duration of the complete run can vary by approximately one hour.